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  • It's Not About How It Looks -- It's About How It Works!

If you can find what you need when you need it -- it doesn't need to be spotlessly clean to be considered

Give yourself a pat on the back if you can find your car keys even if the dishes aren't done.


  • Keep the Memory Not the Object -- Take Photos!

Many parents keep boxes of their children's school projects, artwork and other childhood "keepies".   
Downsizing seniors moving from a family home to a much smaller retirement condo usually have difficulty letting go of furniture and keepsakes that won't fit into the new home.  The solution is to take photos of the school projects, artwork, furniture and keepsake items and put the photos in an album or scrapbook.  You can record all the pertinent facts relating to the objects on the reverse side of the photo so the memories stay intact.

Remember, it's the memory that triggers the heart and the love is in the memory not the object.


  • Never Leave the Room Empty Handed

Don't leave the room you're in without picking up 3 things that don't belong in that room:  the empty drinking  glass, the pair of shoes you kicked off, the newspaper or magazine you dropped on the floor.  It only takes a minute or two and you will have actually done something about reducing clutter!  Teach this easy tip to the entire family (include kids of all ages) and make it  a game to catch someone leaving the room empty-handed.  In a short time everyone will develop the habit!

It's never too late to start getting organized and simplify your life.