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We offer a multitude of services for a variety of life situations.
 Be sure to read this complete list to see how ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS can be helping you!



Storage spaces, cupboards, drawers, clothing, books and bookcases, photos, schedules, holiday decorations, garages, basements, attics, shelves, desks, offices, supply closets, collections, media centers, paperwork, memorabilia, filing systems, even vans and RV's! 


Piles of clutter and paper sometimes have a way of accumulating until there are no surface or floor spaces available anywhere in a room. This circumstance usually results in small paths emerging to maneuver around and piles that get higher and start to tumble over; an especially dangerous situation for seniors and children. It's very common for the clilent to feel overwhelmed and disheartened by the visual appearance of this type of room.
If you are discouraged or ashamed, take heart because this specific organizing issue is the most common problem that ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS is called upon to solve for clients and we have never failed! Our services are completely non-judgmental and we use patience and understanding to help you reclaim your room like a breath of fresh air. 


Organize any room or closet allowing its function to define the best use of available space.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much can actually fit into a
re-organized closet!
Everyone seems to have too much "stuff" these days and it can easily overtake our living spaces.  Too much visual clutter can cause depression and inertia.
If you want to make some changes but don't know where to begin, ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS will help you sort through your belongings and make them easier to manage and keep organized.  We'll guide you through the downsizing process so you can simplify your home and re-energize yourself by clearing out what you don't want or need and sorting and organizing the rest.

DOWNSIZING ~ Retirement

If you are moving to a new home with less square footage and want to prepare for retirement ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS is the answer!

For baby boomers and their parents especially, sorting through a lifetime of memories and belongings and deciding what items are the most important to keep can be both physically exhausting and emotionally overwhelming.  Family members and friends may wish to help but may not live locally and/or their available time may be limited.

ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS fills the gap by gently guiding and coaching the client through the process of sorting and downsizing with efficiency, compassion and respect.
We can also professionally pack and label boxes simultaneously saving time and making unpacking much less stressful. Coordinating charitable donations, trash disposal and arranging shipments to designated receivers or storage facilities are available services as well.


Assess how the space is currently functioning in comparison to the desired goal.  What's working?  What's not?  Can the space be improved?  Evaluate and then create the necessary changes to best suit the function of the space by implementing some or all of the following: 

- organize and purge items
- re-arrange furniture
- group commonly used items together by activity
- acquire appropriate containers
- shift some activities to other areas

Some common problem areas are children's rooms, family rooms, entertainment centers, computer/desk areas, closets, countertops, garages and work stations.  The smallest change can sometimes create the biggest results!



Gift certificates are available and make the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion.



On-site overview and customized proposal for the best solution to the client's specific organizational issue. 


 A death in the family is usually an emotional and logistical nightmare, most times leaving family members unprepared or unable to deal with the process of sorting an estate.  It can sometimes even result in two households of furniture and belongings needing to be combined into one.
ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS can help ease this difficult time in several ways including:
                    - sorting the household
                    - disposition and shipment of items
                    - physical inventory
                    - professional resource coordination (appraisers, movers...)
                    - processing paperwork, addressing thank you cards
                    - making telephone calls


Busy, working adults, parents and seniors sometimes need a helping hand (or two)!  Think of all the ways you could use the help:  written and e-mail correspondence, computer research, run errands, addressing holiday cards, put up and take down holiday decorations, make phone calls, schedule appointments, the list could be endless!
ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS is especially helpful for seniors: reading to the visually impaired, preparing and organizing medical and insurance forms, a caring and attentive companion to share quality time and laughter.


ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS can bring order back from chaos and accomplish in one day what might take you weeks otherwise -- even if you had the time!  Schedule a regular appointment (monthly or seasonally) to keep your home or office on track and organized. 
Even the most organized homes can unravel a bit when things like a child's illness, unexpected guests, meetings, appointments, holidays, or extra work at the office upset your routine.  Reduce your stress and relax because you know ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS is coming to the rescue!
You can keep an ongoing list of projects for the monthly "organizer day" and spend your valuable time doing the things you enjoy!


The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing a move and relocation can be intimidating.  ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS provides the help and support needed for this transition to be accomplished smoothly, effectively and with less stress by:
 - assisting with the development of an overall moving plan
 - packing, labeling, and indexing box contents
 - purchasing supplies
 - overseeing and coordinating with the professional movers
 - unpacking, setting up and organizing the new home


ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS is available for presentations to groups.  A typical presentation is usually 30-45 minutes long and consists of:
 - an explanation of what a professional organizer is and does
 - instructions for the organizing method that we use for all projects
 - useful organizing tips
 - question and answer period
 - printed materials to take home

The subject matter and length of the presentation can be customized to your specifications.


ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS' services are not limited to this list only. Any organizing
task or service you need that is not listed here is simply because you haven't called
to ask for it!