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ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS creates order out of your chaos and gives you peace of mind because being organized:


Reduces Stress Saves Time Solves Problems Makes People Smile! 



Every day you accumulate more stuff that adds to the growing clutter.
You spend lots of valuable time looking for things that you can't find.
You are drowning in paper piles and can't find your desk.
You need to downsize and don't know how or where to begin.

You feel overwhelmed most of the time because you just can't do it all.


ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS will help you regain control by providing:
hands-on assistance & ideas   support & structure   systems & products


ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS will help you manage your piles of paper and clutter, create more usable space in your living and work areas, guide you through any organizing dilemma, create homes for things that won't get lost, and simplify your Life.  No more nights spent worrying about how it will all get done -- we get it done for you!
ORGANIZED SOLUTIONS was established in 2001 by Sandy Imondi utilizing 30-years of business experience in the corporate, legal, and financial fields.  She uses customized research, comprehensive organizing skills, lots of common sense and blends it all with an upbeat, compassionate and non-judgmental personality to help you get organized NOW not someday.